AWS On Tour

Last Friday, Casa Rius was the last venue to host the Amazon Web Services AWS On Tour roadshow. The event has been taken to nine locations in Europe and Barcelona was the last stop.


Yesterday at Casa Rius we will be surrounded by the innovative technology presented by Voxel at the conference held in our space. Casa Rius subscribes to Voxel’s philosophy and we are committed to rethink, redesign, rebuild and improve day after day. Thank you for trusting us and see you soon!

La Dispensa della Mamma

At Casa Rius we were surrounded by lots of pasta, pizzas, Italian sweets and wine, on the occasion of the event ‘La dispensa della Mamma’ of Mammafiore, along with the second edition of Wine Not? We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Push Forward Fest

Last weekend, at Casa Rius we experienced the ‘Push Forward Fest’. Based on the pillars of empowerment, community, diversity and inspiration of Longboard Girls Crew, this festival offered activities related to skating and opportunities to reflect, learn, get inspired and empower each other. In this space created and conceived by and for women, we experienced […]

Mahou San Miguel

For Casa Rius it was a pleasure to host again the Mahou San Miguel meeting, and it is an honor to be part of this great family. Thank you for trusting us once again and you know that you are at home.


This past Saturday September 23rd we hosted the Tattoox event at Casa Rius. For the first time, the BCN TATTOOX FEST was organized and it was a great success! An afternoon full of bingo, learning and lots and lots of tattoos! We hope to celebrate with you many more events like this one.


Last September, Casa Rius was transformed into a stage for Yll Limani. During the day, the Albanian Kosovar artist was surrounded by our space and used it as inspiration for the new video clip entitled ‘PER NON JE ZBUKURU’, which was released just this past Friday. Casa Rius is always willing to host artists, as […]

Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya

acérrimamente The Fundació Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya believes in the transformative power of technology, therefore, promotes the Catalan technology sector with activities and collaborative projects in three areas: connection, impact and analysis. We hope you enjoyed Casa Rius and the catering we offered you. See you next time!


Before leaving for vacation, Casa Rius hosted the event of the Meller eyewear brand. It was a pleasure to realize this event, as we strongly shared its message: We believe life is about seizing moments that inspire and make us grow as human beings.

EAE Business School

Last Friday, 27 January, we had the Business Administration School, EAE, in Casa Rius.