Òmnium Cultural

“Ràbia”, by Sebastian Alzamora, won the Òmnium Award for Best Novel of the Year 2022

Sant Pere Claver Foundation

From Casa Rius, we would like to thank the Sant Pere Claver Foundation for trusting and carrying out the Christmas cocktail in honour of people who are working in the health and well-being of vulnerable people.

Grupo Evento Plus

Thank you very much to all those who made it possible to hold the 100th ‘grupoeventoplus’ magazine!

Junts per Cat

Today, at Casa Rius, measures have been introduced to combat the increase in the electric bill, by the hand of Junts Per Cat. It is a pleasure to host this press conference, thank you for trusting us.

EIT Urban Mobility

Good afternoon family, today we bring different photos of our corporately adapted spaces, just as a Casa Rius chameleon adapts to the corporate identity of every company that visits us! Are you encouraging to be next? ?? @eiturbanmob

ARG at Barcelona

We are keen to be part of Argentina Week, with @argenbarcelona.

A full act of art and artists attended by different institutions in the fields of culture, gastronomy and tourism.

It was attended by General Rossana Surballe and Ambassador Ricardo Alfonsin.

Léo Lagrang

It was a pleasure to fill our home with the Hub Citizen event, where 160 teenagers had the opportunity to participate in artistic, cultural and educational activities.

Tusquets Awards

With this post we remember that Casa Rius hosted the Tusquets Editors de Novela Awards.
Congratulations to the winner of the award, Cristina Adújo.

Google Cloud

We share some of the moments we enjoyed with the Google Cloud team in Barcelona, specializing in cloud services.

Naked Festival

We have had the pleasure of sharing our space with Aeropress to hold Naked Festival.